The first session of the week of printing started off by the two teachers giving us a demonstration on how to get the printing prepared.While getting a demonstration we also had a tour of each room and what they are used for example the pink room is where the print is put on. After we had the demonstration of how to set up the equipment they had prepared to begin printing they then showed us how to use the main printing machine that will be pushing the paints we had choice to print on paper.


  • This image shows the drying process before putting it on the printing table you have to dry the screen so all the access water is gone.This is a must because the print wont come out correctly.


  • This part is showing putting duck tap on the sides of the screen this is to prevent the paint going between the edges.


  • This image shows the squiggy attached to the printing press arm.

IMG_4023 2

  • At this point we get a go at doing one print on scrap paper in this image it shows me flooding the screen this is because we need to make the paint go through the screen, when flooded you then start to print your images on the paper.


  • The image on the left is the image of the images on the screen before printing and the image of the right is the complete print.



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